RWC’s Salmonberry Room to See Multi-Purpose Transformation

The Nisqually Red Wind Casino (RWC) plans to renovate the Salmonberry Room next year into a multi-purpose venue as part of the ongoing efforts to provide an unmatched gaming experience for guests.

The renovation plans come as part of RWC’s “mini-master plan,” which aims to maximize its current offerings while keeping a keen eye on future expansion plans. This forward-thinking strategy ensures that every guest who walks through the casino’s doors experiences top-notch entertainment.

Tyson Kruger, RWC Director of Marketing, shed light on the mini-master plan late last year, stating, “While we are gearing up for expansion, we don’t want to stop and only think of that. We want to think about the present and what we must do now to maximize our offerings to have a successful future.”

One significant aspect of this strategy involves key renovations that enhance the gaming experience for both guests and team members. In the past year, guests have already witnessed a massive carpet renovation, the introduction of sports betting, the transformation of the Coho High Rollers Room into the Coho Sports Lounge, restroom upgrades, and the ongoing renovation of the buffet area into ‘The Delta’ food court.

“We want to think about the present and what we must do now to maximize our offerings to have a successful future.”

Tyson Kruger, RWC Director of Marketing

The next exciting renovation on the horizon is the transformation of the Salmonberry Room from a conference space into a versatile, multi-purpose venue, said RWC General Manager Conrad Granito, as he detailed the upcoming updates.

Plans for the renovated Salmonberry Room feature a full bar, complete with seating for six to eight people, enhancing a planned lounge-like atmosphere. A stage will be added, offering the perfect space for live entertainment, including DJs and small-group comedians. The potential addition of a dance floor and comfortable seating will further elevate the entertainment experience.

But the room’s potential doesn’t end there. The revamped Salmonberry Room will be ideal for hosting a variety of events, from holiday parties to business meetings with state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities. Guests can also look forward to watching pay-per-view sporting events on large, high-definition screens.

One of the most exciting enhancements is the plan to introduce electronic bingo, providing a dynamic and modern bingo experience for guests. The room’s spacious layout will accommodate up to 60 people, allowing for more extensive bingo offerings. Instead of playing 12 faces, guests may be able to enjoy up to 100 faces, potentially at reduced rates per face.

Granito expressed his excitement about the future of the venue, saying: “The Salmonberry Room will expand the entertainment offerings that will help set us apart.”

With each renovation and expansion, the Nisqually Red Wind Casino remains dedicated to providing an exceptional entertainment experience for its valued guests. The Salmonberry Room renovation is just one more step in this ongoing journey of innovation and excellence.

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