Nisqually Indian Tribe History

The Nisqually people have lived in the south Puget Sound watershed since time immemorial. The Nisqually Tribe lived in relative peace and prosperity near the present-day towns of Olympia, Tenino, and Dupont. Our original homeland measured about 2 million acres, stretching from Mt. Rainier to the Puget Sound along the Nisqually River. We have always been a fishing people. Salmon is the mainstay of our diet and serves as the foundation of our culture

The Nisqually Reservation, as it is now known, was established by the Medicine Creek Treaty of December 26, 1854, and today consists of 1,280 acres. Originally, the Nisqually Reservation was approximately 5,000 acres in size. 3,300+ acres located north and east of the Nisqually River remains under the control of Joint Base Lewis McChord’s (JBLM) military base.

Nisqually has more than 800 enrolled members, the majority of whom live on or near the reservation. We are an entrepreneurial tribe that has grown to become one of the largest employers in Thurston County, while building a national reputation for our environmental stewardship programs protecting and enhancing our natural environment for decades.

Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation And The Nisqually Indian Tribe

Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation was formed, in 2008, to help manage the economic development of the Nisqually Indian Tribe and its Tribally owned businesses. A seven-member Board of highly skilled business professionals leads the organization to create a strong and sustainable economy for the Nisqually Tribe and its members today and in perpetuity.

One of the largest employers in Thurston County, Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation has also built a reputation as environmental, social, and economic leaders in the Region.