Nisqually Construction Services: Pioneering Progress

Under the newly acquired full ownership of Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation (MCEC), Nisqually Construction Services (NCS) is poised to ascend to even greater heights, initiating projects that underscore its dynamic capabilities and commitment to diversifying not only its portfolio but what it can accomplish for the Nisqually Indian Tribe.

Damon Oatman, NCS Director of Construction Services, revealed that the enterprise is primed to embark on two groundbreaking ventures that stand as testament to the organization’s enhanced capabilities under MCEC’s full ownership. These projects mark significant milestones in NCS’s evolution as it navigates uncharted territories.

The first among these projects is a contract to build the 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino Hotel in Manson, WA. The project is a collaborative effort between NCS and its long-time partner, Korsmo Construction, made possible in part through the commitment of MCEC Chief Executive Officer Bob Iyall, whom Oatman said went the extra mile to secure the project.

“CEO Bob Iyall was instrumental in landing this important project by giving his personal time to travel to Colville and meet with the Colville Tribe’s project team and participate in interviews by the selection committee,” Oatman said. “It was important to the Colville Tribe to have tribally owned construction companies involved in this project and NCS was pleased that our experience could lend towards receiving this contract.”

The project showcases NCS’s far-reaching capabilities and symbolizes the importance of Tribal involvement and collaboration while exemplifying NCS’s technical prowess and MCEC’s commitment to advancing Tribal interests.

In a partnership with GVH Distribution, NCS will stride further into new territory with a Centralia project to construct a distribution warehouse and office space for GVH Distribution, a privately held company.

“These projects are exciting for NCS because they will both be ‘firsts,’” Oatman said. “NCS has not previously constructed a casino or hotel, nor have we constructed a warehouse for a private manufacturing company. As NCS continues to grow and expand its capabilities, we are proud to support the prosperity of the Nisqually Indian Tribe by continuing to be a profitable enterprise and by providing challenging and rewarding job opportunities for those interested in a career in the construction field.”

As NCS embraces new horizons, its allegiance to bolstering the prosperity of the Nisqually Indian Tribe remains steadfast. NCS’s growth under MCEC’s full ownership is aligned with the Tribe’s advancement, enriching both the enterprise and the community. Through MCEC’s strategic guidance and NCS’s dedication, the organization has become an exemplar of how a unified vision can shape not only a thriving enterprise but also a flourishing Tribe.

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