Casino Announces Plans for ‘The Delta’ Food Court

Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation (MCEC) is thrilled to announce the upcoming construction of a brand-new food court at the Nisqually Red Wind Casino called “The Delta.” This venture promises to elevate the culinary experience for both guests and team members at the casino, bringing a variety of delectable offerings to satisfy diverse tastes.

Conrad Granito, Nisqually Red Wind Casino General Manager, shared some insights into the exciting developments planned for The Delta.

“We’re basically taking the buffet that was closed during COVID and turning that space into Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and that’s going to be the Delta. It’ll include four different restaurants,” Granito said.

The Delta will feature a coffee shop with a service bar to enhance beverage service in that section of the casino. Guests can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine from the Italian restaurant, including mouthwatering calzone pizzas. Additionally, the food court will offer an Asian soba noodle bowl restaurant, providing pasta enthusiasts with delectable Asian-inspired dishes, including rice bowls.

However, the most exciting prospect lies in the fourth offering, as The Delta aims to introduce authentic Native American cuisine

Granito expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re in talks with several vendors that could bring authentic Native American cuisine to Red Wind. I don’t know of any other casino that offers a dedicated Native American food installation. Ours would be a permanent offering in the Delta.”

Granito further emphasized the significance of introducing Native American cuisine to The Delta, stating, “The concept of a dedicated Native American food offering within a native casino is something I’ve been thinking about for over 10 years. We want to celebrate and share the rich culinary heritage of those who’ve come before us with our guests, offering a unique and culturally immersive dining experience.”

The casino team is actively collaborating with potential vendors, including a Native American restaurant hailing from Seattle that brought a food truck to Nisqually’s Pride Celebration.

“We’re in talks with several vendors that could bring authentic Native American cuisine to Red Wind. I don’t know of any other casino that offers a dedicated Native American food installation. Ours would be a permanent offering in the Delta.”

Conrad Granito, Nisqually Red Wind Casino General Manager

“We are committed to exploring this opportunity to bring a Native American restaurant to the casino, and partnering with a Native American vendor adds an element of pride and celebration to this endeavor,” Granito said.

The Delta will feature a food-court-style seating area with comfortable chairs and spacious tables, providing a delightful ambiance for guests to savor their meals.

As the plans for The Delta take shape, the excitement among MCEC leaders continues to grow. The addition of Native American cuisine not only highlights the casino’s commitment to promoting tribal heritage but also serves as a symbol of unity and cultural exchange. With the anticipation building, Nisqually Red Wind Casino is eager to unveil The Delta and offer a dining experience that embraces the unique spirit of the Nisqually Tribe.

Construction for The Delta is expected to begin in September, with a soft opening of the Italian restaurant and coffee shop planned before the other two restaurants open by the end of the first quarter in 2024. As the project progresses, MCEC looks forward to receiving feedback from casino guests to ensure an extraordinary dining experience.

The excitement among casino team members about the upcoming offerings in The Delta is palpable. Granito said many see this as an opportunity to expand the world-class offerings that can be found at the casino, creating a sense of pride and connection with what they do. The team is eagerly looking forward to being a part of this groundbreaking endeavor and making The Delta an unforgettable experience for casino visitors.

With The Delta’s innovative offerings and our dedication to exploring Native American cuisine options, Nisqually Red Wind Casino aims to further enhance its position as a premier destination for exceptional culinary experiences and unforgettable entertainment.

The MCEC team is honored to bring this exciting development to life and looks forward to welcoming guests to The Delta soon.

Restroom Renovations
Ongoing at Nisqually
Red Wind Casino

We are thrilled to announce ongoing restroom renovations at Nisqually Red Wind Casino, aimed at enhancing your experience. Upgrades include improved floors, walls, sinks, and stalls for a fresh and modern look. Our team’s efficiency in cleaning ensures lasting cleanliness, making your visit even more enjoyable.

As part of our commitment to your comfort, we are installing automatic seat covers in the women’s restrooms, providing added convenience. These thoughtful enhancements demonstrate our dedication to elevating every aspect of your time with us.

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